Making Technology Work for Your Small Business

Welcome to ProsumTech, LLC! I want to make it clear up front that I, Jerry Travis Smith, represent the only employee in the company. What I lack in size, I more than make up for in experience, patience, a willingness to please, and an affordable price!

I love working with small businesses!

If you run a small business, you know the last thing you need is to have to worry about wrangling your technology. If you’ve ever felt like you are working for your technology instead of the other way around, ProsumTech, LLC is the technology company for you. For nearly ten years, ProsumTech has built custom websites for many types of businesses, from land leasing companies to log home builders. I can (and do) work on big websites and projects, but my heart lies with the small business owner!

More than just a software company

I have found that many customers have never actually thought about their business process. Just by planning for your custom software, I can usually find ways to improve your company’s workflow. Through years of observing how some of the biggest organizations in the world operate, I have learned some techniques that scale what they do to fit your small business needs. Best of all, if your way works and you’re happy with that, then you’re the boss! I’ll do it however you want it!

No business is too small for me to take seriously. I understand that small business represents the pulse of this great nation and I’m happy to help you fulfill your dreams. From a simple informational site with a phone number and address to a full-blown e-commerce application, I can tackle it all for you.

I can do hardware, too!

While my primary expertise is in software, I’m no stranger to setting up simple networks and installing (and repairing) computer systems. I have years of experience using hardware to help us get stuff done and I’m not shy about sharing this insight with customers.

I even do training!

In addition to my hardware and software experience, I have taught high school, college, and workforce education classes for nine years. I will gladly use my expertise to create and deliver (almost) any kind of technology training your small business may need.